Dipl. Ing. Peter Strazan - projects management, full stack developer, server side, client side, 3D and mobile solutions.


project management, full stack developer, software engineer, software designer, project leader, Java design, MIS integration, expert systems, workflows, 3D modeling, J2EE, EJB3, JPA, CRUD, AOP, Hibernate,  Tapestry, FLEX, Spring, GWT, RIA, Webservices, LDAP, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, mantis, ant, Adobe, WebStart, Swing, AWT, MAC OS, Linux, Windows, Android, OpenGL ES,  Flesh, Flex, GWT, Dalvik, applets, RAP, SiteMesh, ePADEx, JDF, JMF, Esko Backstage, Sage, Adobe Ares LiveCycle Reader Extensions, Adobe dynamic forms, AppleScript, OpenGL, UNITY, lwjgl, NeXTStep, OpenStep, Intershop enfinity, MS Visual Studio, network communication, asset management, workflow management, business process management, expert systems...

Please check my favorite 3d project

First name/
  Peter Strazan

Address Gertrud-Seele-Weg 12
22880 Wedel
Telephones: ++49(0)4103 121 365
++49 (0)15233745814
E-mails peter@strazan.com
Date June 2016 - present
Position Specialist Operations Execution
Main activities and responsibilities   Responsible for managing IT projects.
Name and address of employer CWS-boco International GmbH
Type of business Service company

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