Projects gallery - only main projects from the latest few years are liste on this page.

Graphics Asset Management application. A  web-based, modular and distributed workflow and asset management system. I am working on the project as a lead engineer in ITlinx company. 

PSD - Printer Specification Database. A centralised management system for maintaining printer and print related data and files, like print process and print machinery data, substrates, colours and fingerprints.

 i-client. A client software implemented as a Java Webstart application in order to maximize its compatibility to run either on Apple OS X systems as well as Microsoft Windows machines. It is the file interface to the base web application or multiple peer servers to have files downloaded or uploaded, even by 3rd party suppliers.

 Gamcon - a java applet for transferring files/folders between local computers and the basic web application. The component is built in to the web page shown by the web browser. 

Esko Backstage workflow for stamping PDF files. The feature controls Eskobackstage workflow via JMF/JDFmessaging. Esko products are the standard in the packaging graphics industry in regards to technical workflow automation as well as specific tasks and processes. icon|core uses industry's standard bidirectional interfaces, i.e. JDF and JMF, both based on XML to control those subsystems.


Esko Backstage application to create thumbnails via JMF/JDF messaging.


Sage interface - a web service client for providing the invoicing process using the remote Sage accounting system. Orders and price item lines get exported and information regarding the subsequent status of that order information is queried back. 

ePADEx client interface. ePADEx is the web-based task management of P&G, the client is an extensive interface to this, which automatically downloads the information from the ePADEx system and synchronises it with the relevant parts in the local system.


Java Asset Manager - a comprehensive Java library for synchronous and asynchronous executing remote code and exchanging files/folders via internet/intranet. The files network movement can not be easier.


Workflow Management - I am an author of the expert system for handling business workflows. The Expert System is used in the project for handling very complex approval process of the graphic files for packing company. 


Image Converter - a server based online application to remotely create thumbnails for approval process. Application uses Ghost Script  to produce resized jpgs from PDFs and adobe illustrator files. Files uploaded by i-client are enabled for PDF annotation via Adobe Ares server, converted to jpgs and then published.

OCC - Online Copy Collection - provides Adobe Forms dynamically created and published via web application.  


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