Server side programming:
Java, Objective C, J2EE, EJB3, JPA,mantis, ant, Hibernate, Tapestry, FLEX, Spring,  GWT, RIA, Webservices, DB2, MS SQL, Oracle, LDAP, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, Adobe server technologies,  Assets management, Fortran, Prolog.

Client side programing:
Java WebStart, Java standalone applications, Java Swing. Android apps, Flesh, Flex, GWT, Dalvik, UNITY, Opengl, 3D application, Adobe client technologies, AppleScript.

Server-client programming:
Java signed applets, Swing applications, GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Flex, Android API, RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) applications.

Client-client programming:
custom enterprise worldwide running chat and files exchange system.

Mobile systems programming:
android apps, OpenGL 3D mobile applications.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android, MAC OS, NeXTStep,

Extra applications, protocols and standards: 
Sage - on line accounting system.
ePADEx - P&G Approval system.
JDF - (CIP4) -is an industry standard designed to simplify information exchange between different applications and systems in and around the graphic arts industry.
Adobe forms, Adobe Ares, PDF annotations, Adobe, PDF Java Script programing.
Esko Backstage -worflow automation server.
jBPM - Business management system.
Adobe Ares  LiveCycle Reader Extensions, Adobe dynamic forms.

Enterprise Business Workflow System - a flexible and extensible workflow management system. Business processes are expressed in a simple XML descriptors designed and organized by the Workflow Template Graph Designer. 

JAM - Java Asset Manager - a peer to peer communication system defines a custom messaging protocol. A simple but comprehensive system to exchange messages, execute remote code, upload,  download and exchange files between servers, clients and server-clients. Everything packed in ONE 150kb jar file.

Client side applications - applications running on the client side. Based on Java Webstart, Java Applet, GWT, Flesh, Flex and Android based applications.



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