very few 3D applications and visualisations...

UNITY object is looking at the position where a face is detected.

LAN communication between 3D application and Face Recognition engine.

Simulator of used Viper jet engine.

VR FlySimulator of L-29 airplane for Oculus Go and Oculus Quest


A multimedial dictionary for learning foreign languages.

Check the following link: 

Airspeak - Radiotelephony communicatrion for pilots. A 3D communication teaching toolfor pilot.

Stereoscopics camera demo. Works using a crossed eyes methodor a 3D TV set. Soon available in UNITY asset store.

Check it in Unity Store .

Try it live (needs the Unity web player)

A prototype and demo of the random objects generation and a spaceship behaviour. Created for a mobile platform.

Try it live (needs the Unity web player)

A demo of the "cheap" flock controller. The point is that all exixsting code which is supposed to manipulate and control a flock of birds is too much resources consumpting. Each bird is handled as an airplane. This example demonstartes very simple flock controller which can be used in the airport scene as a background activity without consumpting too much resources. That's why you cannot win in this example. It tests how many birds can be managed without any performance issue. Try it live (needs the Unity web player)

Digital Asset Management, Web and Mobile 3D visualizer :

Java 3D visualizer 

Visualizer on the mobile platform 

Development is entertaining 


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