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I find the "mobile world" extermely exciting for each programmer with a young heart. My supported platform is currently Android. I do not think that if there is a request it would be complicated to use all my experiences to create apps for iphone. Here I'm presenting my latest work which is still in progress, but already presentable - The Airdroid application. Airdroid is a 3D application currently in the beta version. It consists of two main parts:

1. Air droid - a funny 3D fly simulator to enjoy a simple flying, dogfighting, shooting targets, another oponents with machine gun, rockets and guided rockets. 

2. Air speak - a radiotelephony communication for pilots. It is not a teaching tool. Just get familiar with all those messages exchanged through the air between pilots and controlers . Airspeak contains more than 60 lessons with hundreeds of messages in the written and spoken form.  Just play Airdroid and listen Airspek.

One selected lesson (INITIAL CLIMB) in the routine format. The non routine expamples demonstarte extraordinary situations taken from a real life:

An example of the elementary message. The message is in the written and also spoken format (check the mp3 example of the radiotelephony messages):


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